1974 - 2018
44 Years
of Service
1974 - 2018
44 Years
of Service
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Bay Area Heating, Plumbing & Air Conditioning Since 1974
Residential Heating and Air Conditioning
Stewart Heating and Air provides honest, effective service in a professional manner. The work done is always at a five star level. Service providers are careful about the home they enter to serve. Work completed is thorough. I feel the job being attended to will be done fully with no hassle for me.
Sharon M. - Lafayette, CA

Excellent attentive service! Professional and knowledgeable. Would highly recommend! So glad we chose Stewart Heating and air!
Monica H. - Vallejo, CA

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Residential Heating & Air Conditioning in Contra Costa County

Indoor Comfort Control means more today than it did a decade ago. Current options allow us to provide you with the ideal comfort solution for your specific needs that will be reliable and affordable. We also offer options like air purification, advanced controls, zoning and remote access. The categories below will help educate you about HVAC offerings and concepts, however please don't hesitate to call us at (925) 203-9141 as we are happy to assist you!

Save Money on Furnace

The Easiest Way to Save Money I've Ever Seen... is about to end

You know what they say, "There's no business like slow business." Well, maybe that's not what they say, but they would if they were in the heating and cooling business! Read more here

Beat High Natural Gas Prices

Beat High Natural Gas Prices Plus Get a $680 Trade-In for Your Old Energy Wasting Furnace

It's about time someone made it easy to win at this game: read on


A World of Hurt...

For years - like a few thousand - we've sort of mistreated her. A little sludge in the river? No big deal. Some haze on the horizon? Let someone else worry about it. Well, it is a big deal, and we're all the "someone else". Don't let me sound preachy - I've turned a blind eye toward pollution too, and here's my painful admission... Read more here

Don't Be Fuelish

Attention: Summer Savings Alert…

Summer really adds to your home's energy bills. Did you know there was a super easy way to keep more energy dollars in your pocket? Plus, you'll see another special way to double your savings. Read more here


Thank Goodness Summer Is Finally Here!

Are you 100% sure your cooling system will make it through another summer?

So cooling systems that "got by" last season are likely doomed. And we get the bulk of our calls when systems are straining the hardest to keep up with the heat. Read more here

Heat Wave

The Most Accurate Weather Predictor in History Says

"Summer 2018 May Set 'off-the-charts' Heat Records"

As good as this weather feels now… there's a big chance of UNREAL heat coming our way. No weather prediction is 100% accurate, but the one I'm about to quote has been the most accurate. Read more here

Air Conditioning Awareness Month

This Nutty Declaration Can Help You Save. . .

Starting Today, ALL Contra Costa residents are eligible to save on comprehensive Pre-season Air Conditioning Tune-up Services to ensure their systems are ready, willing and able to perform properly for the coming cooling season. Read more here

Heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality affects the comfort of your home, the health of your home, and the size of your utility bills. Stewart is here to bring your indoor comfort control to a more efficient, more sophisticated level. We want to enhance the level of your home comfort. Call us today at (925) 203-9141.

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