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1974 - 2020
46 Years
of Service
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Mike Kelly did an excellent work: nice personality and craftsmanship.

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Residential Heating & Air Conditioning in Contra Costa County

Indoor Comfort Control means more today than it did a decade ago. Current options allow us to provide you with the ideal comfort solution for your specific needs that will be reliable and affordable. We also offer options like air purification, advanced controls, zoning and remote access. The categories below will help educate you about HVAC offerings and concepts, however please don't hesitate to call us at (925) 427-5522 as we are happy to assist you!

Broken Furnace

It's a Little Bit Like a Bomb ... that just happens to heat your home.

The headline is both scary and true. No one likes to think about living with such a threat, but an un-serviced or worn-out heating system can become very dangerous, very quickly. Read more here

HVAC Products

Get at least $303 of Smart Home Value for just $97

"No way" you say. I don't blame you for that. But this will make perfect sense soon. Read more here

Home Comfort System

Have You Heard the Dark and Dirty Secret... about Your Home Comfort System?

A lot of folks in my industry don't really want to talk about the #1 Reason for system failure. But let me give you a hint: when I say it's a "dark and dirty" secret, I do mean dirty! Read more here

HVAC Products

Indoor Comfort Products
Modern indoor comfort control has a lot of really cool options for maintaining ideal comfort and air quality in your home. We build our solutions using equipment from one of the leading manufacturers in the industry.
Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality
Would you like to have a healthier home? Modern construction is great at saving you money by tightly sealing conditioned air inside. However, this traps indoor air pollution inside as well. What type of pollution? Learn more by click the link below.
In Home HVAC Estimate

In Home Estimate
Indoor comfort control is a big deal, and purchasing equipment represents a significant investment in your home. Let us come look at your specific situation, and give you our recommendations based on many years of experience!
Save The Cat

Above Average Contractor
We are set apart by our commitment to going the extra mile for customers. A fun example of this took place on a normal summer day, when a homeowner called us to save her cat, trapped inside the ductwork.
HVAC Dictionary

HVAC Dictionary
Are you confused by the terms we HVAC contractors throw around? We take great care in making sure our customers understand the details they need to understand, but you can also do some self learning via the link below:
Customer Referral Program

Our customer referral program
offers customers and incentive to share their great experience with Stewarts Heating & Air Conditioning with their friends.

Heating, air conditioning and indoor air quality affects the comfort of your home, the health of your home, and the size of your utility bills. Stewart is here to bring your indoor comfort control to a more efficient, more sophisticated level. We want to enhance the level of your home comfort. Call us today at (925) 427-5522.

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