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Why Did the Government Secretly "Break" Your Home Comfort System?

Why Did the Government Secretly “Break” Your Home Comfort System?
I'm sorry to report the statement above is completely true and without exaggeration. Central air conditioning systems that were installed just a few short years ago may soon become totally UN-repairable — all thanks to Uncle Sam.

A recent government regulation makes your existing air conditioning equipment obsolete and un-fixable.

Why this is so: In January 2010, the U.S. Government banned the use of Freon R-22 refrigerant in new air conditioning systems. R-22 has been used in almost EVERY Air Conditioner made for the last 40 years. Replacement refrigerant is INCOMPATIBLE and will not work with any systems using Freon R-22.

What this means to you. Air conditioning equipment manufacturers have stopped making replacement parts for many pre-2010 "orphaned" A/C systems. Within a short time, it may become impossible to repair parts of "older" systems: condensers, air handlers, etc. We've ALREADY seen this happen.

What you can do about this...

It's probably time to consider a replacement before you're "forced" to make a costly decision. This is a good idea IF: You probably know newer high efficiency systems use less energy than equipment built even a few years ago. (Annual savings in running one of these systems could — over its lifetime — make it absolutely FREE!)


If you do choose to upgrade, take advantage of these very attractive savings opportunities available until 6/1/15: This is how STEWART is working to enable you to get all the benefits of the latest cooling technology... and avoid the risk of having an UN-repairable central air system.

Schedule today because this special offer is only good until 6/1/15.

Best regards,

Ryan Stewart, President
Stewart Heating and Air, Inc.

P.S. Don't get stuck mid-season with an A/C system that's UN-fixable. Just fill out this form online, email us at or give us a call at 925-203-9141 to start saving.

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