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Beat High Natural Gas Prices

Beat High Natural Gas Prices Plus Get a $680 Trade-In for Your Old Energy Wasting Furnace

It’s about time someone made it easy to win at this game; read on…

I’ve just about had it. We paid through the nose for gasoline last summer. And now this:  The Contra Costa County area is warned to “Brace for a Surge in Natural Gas Prices” say some of the top energy advisors. So, how much is this surge supposed to be?

Oh, just a little 20% increase on top of your already high heating bill! If you paid $180 or so per month last winter, count on spending $220 a month this year.

That’s another $220 snatched from you to cover this price increase.

And that’s not all. It’s expected to be much colder this year. So that $220 may look like a joke in comparison to what it really ends up being. Now let’s get right to it:

The weather is coming, so increases appear unavoidable. And once they hit, there won’t be any “bargains” on efficient heating equipment. (Believe me, I’ve been in this business long enough to know that.) It’s supply and demand like always. Except for one thing…

Somehow, those who are “ahead of the curve” get the tips and act on them before everyone else. “They” come out ahead while everyone else scrambles. Now it’s your turn.

We came up with a way for you to get a brand new, super high efficiency, top quality BRYANT heating and cooling system at the “old” price. (They’re going up later.)

Plus, these energy-sipping systems are installed to such exacting standards that we guarantee they’ll knock 20% off your energy consumption over last year’s, or we’ll write you a check for the difference. Most contractors “talk” savings. But that’s a guarantee.

So you’re thinking, “Great! I save several hundred dollars on my energy bills every season, but what’ll a new system cost?” How about nothing, zero, nada, nothing for a solid year, with NO interest and NO down payment.

You can pocket savings for a full year before you pay a dime. Even with payments, you may find that the energy and repair bill savings can make your payment! About those repairs…

Yes. Many contractors offer a 5-year warranty on parts, but you pay for the labor. (We don’t think that’s fair.) A few cover labor, maybe for a year. STEWART offers you a full, 10-year warranty that covers parts and labor. You have a repair in the next decade? We take care of it. That’s how good these BRYANT systems and our installations are!

But then this offer gets completely out of control.

Since my techs actually enjoy training, we’ll also give you at least $680 for your old trade-in. Even if we don’t use your system for training, we’ll donate it to charity. Everybody wins. Well, maybe not everybody as you’ll soon see.

Your entire “Fighting Back” package includes:

Just think, this winter you can sit back knowing that you responded ahead of the curve. When others are complaining about the cold winter, high energy bills and repairs… you can be sitting there warm as toast. No repair bills. Lower energy bills. Not a payment in sight, but a nice property value boost.

Yet this will only describe you if you call before    9/30/18   due to price increases. (Some things we can control, some we can’t.)

You can take control now and fill out this form online, email us at customercare@stewartair.net or give us a call at 925-203-9141 for a completely free, no-obligation Energy Survey. We can come tell you how much energy you can save, and any details you want about this exciting program. We want to help you beat Winter’s chill and the cold hard increases in gas prices.

When you fill out this form online for your free, no-obligation Energy Survey, we’ll be appraising your old system (for at least $680) toward a new one. Since we expect hundreds of calls for this free service, please call soon to schedule the earliest appointment. Thank you.

Remember, your old energy wasting system will not get any more efficient… ever. It’ll keep “stealing” from you each month until you decide to replace it. Then, you’ll get to pay an even higher price to replace it! Call us now to show you how much you can save.

Real figures:  A typical 10-year-old furnace in our area would cost you $170 more in energy this year than our new high efficiency furnace. That’s $170 of your dollars that could be headed to the Utility Companies or Mideast Oil Producers (trading oil for natural gas) instead of your pocket.

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