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Would You Leave Your Front Door Open All Summer

Whole House Energy Analysis

When I was growing up, I remember sunny summer days when my mom or dad would say, “Shut that door! Are you trying to cool down the whole neighborhood?” (Did all parents say that?) It was the ultimate waste!

Yet the truth is you are probably doing this right now. In fact, research says,

You have a door plus two-thirds of a window open all the time.

Think of what this is doing to your energy bills. And your comfort… and your dust problem.

How? It happens from air leaks in ductwork, windows, insulation, air leaks around pipes, wires and basically the gaps between sealing surfaces in your home. (The two biggest culprits were a surprise to me.) Your home was probably pretty tight when it was new, but as things age, they swell and crack. (Like my knees!)

The REAL problem is figuring out exactly where and what needs to be fixed. Some homeowners waste lots of time and play “guess where the draft is coming from” game. They buy some weather-stripping, some sealing tape, maybe wrap the water heater, but in the end… it’s just a guess.

Science beats guesswork every time.  A Whole House Energy Analysis is the only scientific way to find ALL the invisible air leaks in your home. After we got this training and equipment, it’s amazing: you can actually pinpoint each and every trouble spot and shut ‘em down. It’s nearly instant success; Lower energy bills and more comfort.

How this works. Using specialized (and very expensive) equipment with highly trained comfort specialists, we run a Blower Door/Infrared Thermography Test: Equipment is attached to the entry opening of your home. Then Infrared Thermography reveals where air is leaking in or out. (No WAY anyone could “guess” at this. We have found leaks in the oddest places: behind fireplaces, discovering “covered up” windows, you name it.)

Results? I think you’ll like this part: Lower energy bills, better comfort and better health. Yes, the health part is a nice benefit of not breathing filthy, poorly humidified air that gives your sinuses fits.

To schedule your Whole House Energy Analysis before the summer rush, just fill out this form online, email us at or give us a call at 925-203-9141 today.

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