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Stewart's Comfort Tips

Feb 8, 2021
The Hidden Dangers of Space Heaters:

Here's What You Need to Know to Stay Safe & Warm This Winter Without Breaking the Bank

Dangers of Space Heaters

Space heaters are often advertised as being a miracle cure for heating your home. The truth is that they can be very dangerous. Here's what you should know about heating your home with space heaters and how we can help if you need it:

FIRST, space heaters are supposed to help save you money, right? Well, maybe. The idea is that you can turn your thermostat down so your heating system uses less energy and instead rely on the portable space heater. But if you don't want to move the heater from room to room, you will need to utilize multiple space heaters throughout the house. In that case, those little energy eaters are still costing you plenty.

PLUS, SPACE HEATERS ARE DANGEROUS. According to the National Fire Protection Association's latest report, heating equipment is the second-leading cause of U.S. home fires and the third-leading cause of home fire deaths. More than half (53%) of all home heating fire deaths resulted from fires that began when heating equipment was too close to things that can burn, such as furniture, clothing, mattresses or bedding.

If you use a space heater because your home's heating system is old and just doesn't get the job done like it used to, it's worth seeing what it would cost to replace your system with a new, efficient one (that comes with a 10-year warranty). Here's why:

Right now, STEWART is offering 7% off system replacements. Doing this now will set you up for a comfortable winter with significantly lower energy bills thanks to a new, efficient heating system. And you won't have to worry about the dangers of space heaters!

Just fill out this form online, email us or give us a call at 925-427-5522 today.

May 12, 2020

The Most Accurate Weather Predictor in History Says "Summer 2020 May Set 'off-the-charts' Heat Records"

Air Conditioning Maintenance

After last winter, I hope you're finally enjoying the warm summer sunshine.

As good as this weather feels now... there's a big chance of UNREAL heat coming our way. No weather prediction is 100% accurate, but the one I'm about to quote has been the most accurate.

Over the past two-hundred twenty-one years, the Old Farmer's Almanac has been one of THE most accurate weather predictors, bar none. So I take it VERY seriously when they say summer 2020 will deliver " above average temperatures for nearly every part of the United States." (Translation: It's going to be very hot.)

How to Really Beat the Heat. Make sure your cooling systems are in the best possible health now. Just like checking up on your car before a long road trip, your cooling equipment needs periodic maintenance (plus a couple of cooling 'tricks' that STEWART techs can perform) to help it run like new. And by the way, it's MUCH less expensive to prevent problems than to fix 'em once they're broken. (Yes, I'd make more money if you waited, but that's not the goal here!)

The time to prepare is BEFORE the heat. If you wait until everyone else does, you're almost certain to have to "wait it out" until someone can get to you; PLUS, you'll pay full-tilt prices. NO ONE will be discounting during peak demand.

For a limited time , you can get $125 of money-saving services for just $78!

STEWART'S $78 Summer Cooling Checkup, Tune-Up and Repair Offer: (Doing this now will help prevent cooling system breakdowns and avoid "energy bill sticker shock.")

Here's just SOME of what we do for only $78:

Just fill out this form online, email us at or give us a call at 925-427-5522 to make your appointment. Don't wait; because we can handle only a limited number of customers for this specially priced offer.

May 6, 2020
Need A Little Space? Us, too…
Touch-free HVAC Service

Get Touch-free Service From STEWART

Social distancing is part of our new normal. But needing a little space for health and safety reasons doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your home comfort – especially while you’re spending extra time there.

If you’re noticing a spike in your energy costs or that you’re not as comfortable as you should be, STEWART can safely service your system. Here’s how:

Taking a little space can be a good thing. And to make it even easier, you can make more space in your budget with a $20 discount on any service you need between now and June 1, 2020.

So, give STEWART a call at 925-427-5522. We look forward to helping you stay safe, happy, and comfortable.

Just click here to schedule, email us at or give us a call at 925-427-5522 today.

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