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Stewart Heating and Air is a local Contra Costa County air conditioning contractor serving California homeowners for over 30 years! The dedication and expertise we bring to each job is unmatched. We are a father and son owned company, and we understand that success comes through serving others in all areas of life.

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How Home Heating Really Works
The finest air conditioning & indoor air quality products for your home or business.

Stewarts Heating & Air is your best choice for reliable and efficient air conditioning solutions to keep you cool through our humid summers. We offer highly efficient and reliable cooling solutions for our California customers, and we take pride in our extremely high customer satisfaction ratings.

Stewarts Heating & Air is a California AC contractor with technicians who are experienced trouble shooters and air conditioning installers, giving them an edge in quickly identifying problems. We propose only the best solutions for our customers, taking your unique situation into account.

Air Conditioning Information
To make the right decisions about your cooling needs, you need to know how your system works right? Here is a high level overview of how air conditioning works, so you can better understand your cooling system:

  • A thermostat registers the air is too warm. It sends a signal to your system, and the air conditioner and furnace fan both turn on.
  • The furnace fan pulls air from inside the home (via the return air duct), and it is pulled through the furnace filter. *A variable speed fan is much quieter, provides more comfort as operates at a higher efficiency.
  • The air conditioner (also called a condensing unit) compresses refrigerant, and releases the heat into the air outside. The chilled refrigerant is then sent inside via copper tubing.
  • The chilled refrigerant is sent inside to the evaporator coil. An evaporator coil sits on our adjacent to the furnace. Inside the evaporator coil is a series of copper tubing that contains the ice cold refrigerant from the air conditioner.
  • The furnace fan forces the air pulled from inside the house through the evaporator coil. This cools and dehumidifies the air.
  • The cooled air is sent back into the home via air ducts, and the process repeats.

Indoor Air Quality
Indoor air quality has become a much hotter topic in recent years. Why? Just another way for us to sell products to innocent customers? There actually are substantial reasons to consider indoor air quality solutions for your home.

Modern homes are built to be more energy efficient. Tightly sealed construction means lower energy bills, but more polluted air. In the middle of a California winter or summer, when the windows are all shut, toxins, bacteria and even mold and pet dander get recycled through your HVAC system, and into every area of your home.

Air cleaners, ventilators, UV lights and whole house humidifiers all work together to exchange, refresh and purify your indoor air. IAQ products are designed to each tackle a certain part of indoor air quality, and are not mutually exclusive.

A properely designed heating system not only keeps your home comfortable, but it can save you quite a bit of money on your California Edison bill. For a Contra Costa County heating contractor you can trust, simply call us at (925) 203-9141. We will show you what true customer service is really like.

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